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Vogelsang launching HiCone cavity pump to help boost the efficiency of AD plants

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Vogelsang is launching the HiCone, a new progressive cavity pump for use in biogas plants, at the World Biogas Expo on 29th and 30th March, to help optimise the operation of existing biogas plants and contribute to a higher gas yield.

Developed to save energy during its use and significantly extend its service life, the HiCone pump features a conical form combined with an innovative setting not used before.

Vogelsang will be demonstrating a model of the new HiCone pump on stand D301 during the two-day exhibition, with the team on-hand to answer any questions and explain its specific functions.

Jonathan Gutteridge, Managing Director for Vogelsang UK, said:

“With the HiCone, we are once again setting standards for progressive cavity pumps. We have met the demands of our customers for reduced life-costs and longer service times with the further development of our technology. We are pleased to be launching it at this year’s World Biogas Expo and expect a lot of interest.”

“Another advantage for users is that they can view the status of the pumping elements in a real-time display. Instead of being surprised by a sudden failure, they can receive continuous information and plan for parts in advance.

“Our customers need technology that is long-lasting and can be flexibly adapted to differing pumping tasks and operating parameters. The HiCone gives them a highly efficient pump, which can be individually adjusted and readjusted.”

How the HiCone pump helps

The main benefits of the new pump are reportedly a lower electricity requirement and an automatic start-up, and its ability to readjust reducing the need for replacement parts.

The clamping between the rotor and stator can be adjusted during the pump’s entire service life at the touch of a button or from the control room at the click of a mouse. It can be quickly and easily adapted to different pumping tasks and changing operating parameters such as pressure, viscosity or temperature, and can be reduced to the minimum required level, resulting in a service life that is 2 to 3 times longer.

Lower power consumption

The pump also consumes a lower level of power as a result of its intelligent automatic start-up system, increasing energy efficiency, especially for short pumping cycles, while also reducing costs.

Vogelsang has developed this innovative adjustment concept for all four sizes of the HiCone series, meaning that the system can be installed in progressive cavity pumps even with high flow rates of up to 290 cubic meters per hour. As a result, for the first time ever, it is possible to individually adjust and readjust the pump for many applications in the biogas sector.

QuickService concept

Vogelsang’s QuickService concept makes it easy to change parts without dismantling the outlet or inlet pipeline. A display provides information about the wear status at all times, helping to avoid unexpected breakdowns, and allowing service and maintenance work to be carried out according to schedule.

The robust progressive cavity pumps of the HiCone series reliably convey highly viscous and abrasive media, as well as media heavily contaminated with debris, making them suitable for almost all applications in biogas plants.

Vogelsang will also be advising on the processing of structurally rich biomass by means of mechanical disintegration at the World Biogas Expo. Long-fiber and coarse input materials such as straw, grass or manure can be processed with the company’s ‘DisRuptor’ technology, reducing the amount of internal energy required and increasing gas yield. 


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