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UK Energy Storage sector sees steep growth

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The number of energy storage projects in the UK has dramatically increased over the past 12 months, according to a recent report from RenewableUK.

To help grid operators finely balance the supply of electricity to meet demand at all times means batteries are a key part of our modern flexible energy system. 

To meet that energy demand, the size of the projects submitted for planning has increased from 2MW a decade ago to 54MW by 2021 as per the data published by RenewableUK in their latest report on Energy Storage.

The EnergyPulse report, available to RenewableUK members, revealed that the total pipeline of battery projects has increased from 50.3 gigawatts (GW) a year ago to 84.8GW, an increase of 68.6% (34.5GW). These figures encompass energy storage projects which are operational, under construction, consented or being planned.

England has 60% of the overall pipeline of UK projects (50,763MW) including the highest capacity of fully commissioned battery storage projects (2,872MW). Scotland has the second largest pipeline at 29,506MW.

RenewableUK’s Director of Future Electricity Systems Barnaby Wharton said:

“It’s great to see that our battery storage pipeline has grown by over-two-thirds over the last year, as this demonstrates that there’s a huge appetite among investors to enter this rapidly growing market. This puts us well on track to delivering the 30GW of flexibility which the Government says we will need by 2030 to ensure electricity supply always meets demand. Getting viable projects connected to the grid is a priority, and industry has welcomed progress on reforming the connections process.

“While the battery market is booming, we need investment in even larger projects to store energy for longer, unlocking further opportunities for us to scale up this cutting-edge technology. We’re still waiting for the Government to confirm how they will stabilise revenues for long duration projects.”


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