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Tidal energy sector receives financial boost from Welsh Government

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The first Minister of Wales, Mr Mark Drakeford, has announced £750,000 funding for at least 3 research projects within the tidal energy sector.

The funding aims to support research that will help address the barriers to the development of tidal lagoon technology and give more insight into the benefits it could bring to Wales.

First Minister Mark Drakeford said:

“Our ambition is to make Wales a world centre for emerging tidal technology.

“We cannot deliver this by ourselves. We need to work in partnership with the industry to build the right environment for the (tidal energy) sector to flourish.

“The research will make a significant contribution to delivering a future tidal lagoon project in Wales and move the sector forward as a whole.”

Tidal lagoon projects generate electricity from the natural rise and fall of the tides, providing both renewable, as well as predictable, energy. A large volume of water is captured behind a man-made structure which is then released to drive turbines and generate electricity. 

The Tidal Range Alliance, a working group within the British Hydropower Association that’s dedicated to the expansion of tidal energy projects in the UK, were pleased with the news, with chair Ioan Jenkins saying:

“The Tidal Range Alliance is pleased the Welsh Government remains committed to delivering tidal range and ensuring this vital technology delivers secure, renewable power, as well as jobs and investment for Wales and the UK.

“The technology has already been proven at scale and this research will help provide the evidence that will unlock the first wave of tidal range projects, here in Wales.”


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