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Solar-powering farmers towards 2050 at Low Carbon Agriculture

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HIT Energy Services will outline all the ways they are helping farmers and landowners maximise their solar gains, at Low Carbon Agriculture 2023, taking place on 7th & 8th February at NAEC Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.

Returning to exhibit and also sponsoring the solar conference theme the company is looking forward to meeting existing customers and introducing their services to the thousands of farmers and landowners present.

“The UK is committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and HIT Energy Services is committed to playing its part,” said Simon Hopkins, company Director.

“Low Carbon Agriculture is all about looking at the latest energy solutions and creating profitable and sustainable farming practices.” he continued.

“We believe our services – including site monitoring through our HIT Energy Guard, repowering, health checks and carbon credits can help them achieve this.”

The HIT Energy team has developed a number of industry-leading platforms that are making solar an increasingly reliable form of energy, helping customers around the UK increase their gains by hundreds or sometimes thousands of pounds a month.

“Many farmers, landowners and businesses had solar panels fitted up to a decade ago and haven’t really thought about things like upgrading or maintenance,” added Simon.

“But in many if not most cases, systems have aged or malfunctioned and are simply not working for you the way they should be.

“Our comprehensive range of services ensure you can generate as much energy as possible – that you can use to power your operations, sell to the National Grid or sell the rights to as another way of reducing the UK’s carbon footprint.”

New offering for 2023

The company will be showcasing it’s latest initiative at this year’s Low Carbon Agriculture Show – selling the rights to your power. Simon explains:

“You have heard of celebrities selling their image rights – what about selling the green rights to the solar that you produce? It is a very simple way for our customers to make money while helping everyone reduce their carbon footprint and live greener lives.

“This is the latest service we are offering to clients who have our industry-leading, award-winning HIT Energy Guard installed on their systems.”

What happens?

The company’s HIT Energy Guard is an intelligent automated diagnostic tool which identifies any issues with solar energy systems, allowing generators to maximise the amount of energy being produced.

Through the company’s latest initiative, a partner company buys the rights to your energy – paying for every KWh purchased. This is then turned into carbon credits that help businesses reach their green targets. 

An additional meter is attached to the monitoring technology, reporting on how many kWh are available to sell, and how much potentially these are worth.

Simon explains why the initiative has been launched:

“In order to achieve the Net Zero targets, striking an overall balance between the amount of carbon that is emitted by the country and the amount that is taken from the atmosphere, businesses must play their part and prove they are as green as possible.

“To do this, they must offset their practices that emit pollution or are not so environmentally friendly. Switching to solar energy is one way to do this, as are carbon credits.

“Our HIT Energy Guard has been leading the industry for a number of years, making solar a reliable form of energy for thousands of system users and saving some of our customers hundreds or even thousands of pounds a month.”

The company will be exhibiting from stand 224 at the Low Carbon Agriculture Show next week, with Simon himself speaking in the conference. Tickets are free and can be organised at


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