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Scottish Government commits to a Green Industrial Strategy

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The Scottish Government has released its’ annual Programme for Government this week, outlining areas of focus and legislative plans for the next year, in which a commitment was made to developing a Green Industrial Strategy.

The Green Industrial Strategy will reportedly help businesses and investors to realise the enormous economic opportunities of the global transition to net zero and create jobs across Scotland in sectors such as offshore wind and hydrogen. 

While delivering the programme, Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf also promised to publish and implement a new “Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan”, aiming to provide a clear direction for the future of the country’s energy sector and the actions required to improve energy security and maximise the economic and social benefits of the energy transition, including the creation of “good, well-paid jobs”.

The First Minister also committed to:

  • Establish a deal with industry to realise the country’s onshore wind ambitions, including an aim to reduce the average determination time for section 36 applications – authorisation for a generating station to be constructed & operated – to 12 months.
  • Enhance Scotland’s place as a “world leading destination for offshore wind investment”, including the shortening the timeframe for both pre-application and post-consent processes.
  • Publish a Solar Vision for Scotland, setting out the Government’s ambition for solar power.
  • Push forward on Scotland’s vision of becoming a leading nation in the production of sustainable hydrogen.
  • Accelerate decarbonisation and create energy transition opportunities at major industrial

The plans align with the recommendations recently made by Scottish Renewables, with the trade body’s Chief Executive, Clair Mack, saying:

“The renewable energy industry has been calling for a Green Industrial Strategy for more than two years now, so we are pleased to see The Scottish Government acknowledge that the public and private sectors must work together in order to bring about the investment our industry needs to deliver our net-zero ambitions.

“To ensure Scotland reaps the maximum possible benefit of the move to a clean energy system Scotland must deliver its Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan, including key targets and milestones, so we welcome The Scottish Government’s prioritisation of this ambition. This commitment will help kick-start the major opportunities of projects like ScotWind, as well as ensuring a just transition for our clean energy suppliers.

“Scotland’s onshore wind sector has worked unbelievably hard on the Onshore Wind Sector Deal with the Scottish Government over the past 12 months so seeing this unbelievable effort reflected in today’s Programme for Government is a significant reward for our industry.

“We look forward to working closely with The Scottish Government on its delivery of these commitments.”

The entire Programme For Government document can be downloaded via the Scottish Government’s website


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