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Renewable energy generators can share power over multiple sites via new tariff

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A new tariff has been launched by Octopus Energy, enabling multi-site businesses to share the renewable energy they generate on one site with the rest of their locations.

The new ‘Max Power’ tariff can reportedly help businesses with two or more sites save up to 25% on their annual electricity bills, by sending any excess renewable energy generated to other locations throughout the UK. 

The company has highlighted farmers and land managers as key beneficiaries to this new scheme, with the model working for owners of all clean power systems, including solar, onshore wind turbines, hydro power, geothermal and battery storage.

Zoisa North-Bond, CEO of Octopus Energy for Business comments:

“Businesses generating their own renewable energy can now bring their bills down further by sharing their cheap green power across their entire estate.

“Innovation like this puts money back in the pockets of British businesses and gives them greater control over how they use their energy. We’re showing that the greener choice can and should also be the cheaper choice.”

The tariff is the latest initiative from Octopus Energy to help lower bills and accelerate the clean energy transition, following a ‘Saving Sessions’ scheme enabled by the National Grid ESO’s new ‘Demand Flexibility Service’, which allows business customers to get paid for shifting energy usage out of peak times, and a partnership with leading wind turbine supplier EWT, through which they plan to repower up to 1,000 onshore wind turbines.


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