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Queequeg Renewables on track to develop 750MW of UK clean energy projects

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UK based developer Queequeg Renewables is on track to develop more than a dozen clean energy projects across the UK by the end of June this year, creating a combined renewable installed capacity of 750MW.

Planning permission is to be submitted for a range of clean energy projects including sites for solar installations, onshore wind and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). The schemes also include combined co-located hybrid solar and BESS installations. These add to an existing submission for a new 40MW battery energy storage facility near Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Queequeg Renewables highlighted numerous reasons for the level of clean energy investment and development in the UK, including government policy, new developments in renewable technologies, improved access to the national energy grid, and the goal of greater energy independence and security, with their Project Development Director, Mr Mark Roberts, (pictured below) saying:

Mark Roberts, Queequeg’s Project Development Director  - clean energy projects

“The UK is one of the most advanced markets in the world for distributed energy projects. These projects are key to the UK’s energy transition in accordance with its net zero targets.”

“From a policy perspective, the UK has ambitious targets in place for reducing carbon emissions and growing the contribution of renewables to the country’s energy mix. Policies such as the 2008 Climate Change Act and the Renewable Energy Roadmap have put in place a regulatory framework that encourages investment in long-term renewable schemes.”

“Ongoing advances in solar, wind and battery storage technologies also improve the feasibility and efficiency of proposed projects, which in turn makes them more attractive to investors and planners. And as installation costs for renewables fall and become more competitive versus traditional energy sources, developers can secure funding and gain planning approval for their proposed projects more easily.”

“Another important development is much better access to the national grid. Previously, long connection queues delayed renewable installations from connecting to the grid and delivering their energy. But recent changes in distribution and transmission policies by grid operators have removed these obstacles and made connecting and monetising the energy generated by renewables faster and easier for developers.”

“Finally, customer demand for clean, carbon-free renewable energy together with concerns about energy security have both risen over recent years. Diversifying the energy mix and growing the contribution from renewables helps the UK to become more energy independent and preserve the environment as well.”

Mr Roberts also highlighted the need to be mindful of the concerns and priorities landowners who are considering leasing their land for the development of renewable energy projects, saying:

“Landowners seek trustworthy, dependable professionals with the insight, expertise and experience to deliver renewable schemes. A single renewable scheme could be operational on a landowner’s property for up to 40 years. In such a long process, honesty, accountability and good communication between all parties is essential.”

Founded in 2019, Queequeg Renewables is a clean energy developer specialising in solar, wind and energy storage technologies, dedicated to meeting the growing demand for renewable energy and delivering high-quality power solutions. For more information visit   


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