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One million EVs now on UK roads

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Last month saw almost 20,000 new Electric Vehicles registered, taking the total number of EVs being driven on UK roads to 1 million.

The latest figures released by independent transport research organisation New Automotive, detail the growth of the UK’s EV & hybrid market over the past decade, including a market share breakdown of manufacturers. 

Ben Nelmes, CEO of New AutoMotive, said:

“The country has passed a major milestone by surpassing 1million EVs, and it’s great to see another 20,000 motorists discovering the benefits of going electric – cutting their running costs, enjoying a better driving experience, and doing their bit for the environment.

“However, the job isn’t done yet. Many consumers have been put off buying an electric car by misinformation about EVs and charging infrastructure, and the government now needs to address this.

“If we’re to build on the momentum we’re seeing and accelerate the UK’s transition, ministers should work with industry to promote the benefits of going electric and tackle the myths surrounding electric cars.

“We need to make sure as many people as possible can go electric. We’ll then see Britain pull into the fast lane on the road to cheaper, cleaner transport.”


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