Octopus Energy launches ‘world’s first’ tariff which reduces in price when windy

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Green energy supplier Octopus Energy has launched a new tariff linking price to local wind speeds.

The new ‘Fan Club’ tariff follows the company’s acquisition of two wind turbines in Caerphilly, south Wales and Mark Weighton, Yorkshire last year. Each turbine can generate up to 500kW, enough to power 400 homes per year. Customers living near the turbines, and using electricity when the turbines are generating, will receive a 20% discount on the unit price of power. The discount will be increased to 50% when the wind reaches higher speeds and more green electricity is being produced.

Customers using this new tariff could save up to £229 off their bills, compared to the price cap, currently set at £1,042 for a typical dual-fuel household.

Zoisa Walton, director at Octopus Energy, commented:

“This is the first step in a huge plan for Octopus owning its very own generation and offering local wind tariffs across the country.” 

“It means we can begin producing the clean, green power we provide to customers ourselves and incentivise customers to use energy when it’s the absolute greenest.”

For more information visit https://octopus.energy/octopus-fan-club


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