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Navigating the Energy Crisis: A Comprehensive Guide for Agricultural Businesses

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Wattstor, a leading supplier of energy management systems (EMS) and batteries for the agricultural sector, has released its latest white paper – “Navigating the Energy Crisis: A Guide for Mid-Sized Businesses.”

The guide explores critical factors influencing energy costs, addresses the challenges posed by the first global energy crisis, and provides valuable insights to help mid-sized agricultural businesses prepare for a new energy landscape.

In today’s rapidly changing energy landscape, understanding what determines the cost of energy is essential for sustainable growth. The white paper delves into the following key areas:

What Determines the Cost of Energy?

  • Non-commodity Costs
  • Infrastructure Management Costs
  • Policy Costs
  • Navigating the First Global Energy Crisis

Supporting Businesses in the Long-Run

  • Preparing for a New Energy Landscape
  • Our Evolving Energy System
  • Reaping the Benefits of the Green Energy Transition
  • The Role of Technology in a Green Energy Future

A New Approach to Energy Procurement

  • Fixed vs. Flexible Tariffs
  • Smart Fixed Tariffs
  • Introducing Energy as a Service (EaaS)


Wattstor’s white paper offers a comprehensive analysis of these critical topics, providing agricultural businesses with actionable insights to optimise their energy strategies. By understanding the intricate interplay of non-commodity, infrastructure management, and policy costs, businesses can better position themselves to thrive in the current energy landscape.

As the world transitions to greener energy solutions, it is imperative for agricultural businesses to adapt and harness the benefits of this shift. The white paper not only highlights the advantages of embracing green energy but also sheds light on a new approach to energy procurement, comparing fixed and flexible tariffs and unveiling the concept of Energy as a Service (EaaS). This innovative approach empowers businesses to take control of their energy consumption, reduce costs, and improve sustainability.

The paper and the insights it offers into effective energy management for mid-sized agricultural businesses, can be download via the company’s website.


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