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Liberal Democrats reveal climate and energy plans

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The Liberal Democrats have released their manifesto today, featuring plans to expedite our transition from fossil fuels to clean energy as part of our battle against climate change.

If elected the party plans to take “bold, urgent action” to tackle climate change, cut energy bills and create hundreds of thousands of well-paid new jobs, while working with British businesses to make the UK the world clean technology leader.

The document points to climate change as being an “existential threat”, with soaring temperatures already affecting billions of people through falling food production and rising prices. It also contains criticism of the Conservative government for “failing to act with anything close to the speed or ambition these challenges demand”.

The party has pledged to restore the UK’s role as a global leader on climate change and support households with the cost of the net zero transition. Specific plans include:

  • The launch of a Home Energy Upgrade programme, starting with free insulation and heat pumps for those on low incomes, and ensure that all new homes are zero-carbon.
  • A rooftop solar “revolution”, expanding incentives for households to install solar panels, including a guaranteed fair price for electricity sold back into the grid.
  • Investment in renewable power so that 90% of the UK’s electricity is generated from renewables by 2030.
  • The creation of a new Net Zero Delivery Authority to coordinate action across government departments and work with devolved administrations, and hand more powers and resources to local councils for local net zero strategies.
  • Reduce access costs for grid connections
  • Put the UK’s farming and food system on an environmentally sustainable footing
  • Reintroduce requirements for landlords to upgrade the energy efficiency of their properties to EPC C or above by 2028.
  • Maintain the ban on fracking and remove unnecessary restrictions on new solar and wind power.

The manifesto has been welcomed by the industry, with the REA’s Nina Skorupska saying:

“It is fantastic to see the Liberal Democrat manifesto recognising the immediate and clear need for action when it comes to UK energy policy and in line with our own REA calls (see more here) in many policies.

“The 90% renewable power target by 2030 is an ambitious target and welcome but should go further to increase ambition in heat and transport too

“We look forward to working with the Liberal Democrats over the coming election period and beyond, to ensure the UK’s role as a global leader in climate change is restored.”

The Liberal Democrats manifesto can be downloaded in full here.


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