Juice Technology announces a major tree-planting initiative

Juice Technology AG is stepping up its environmental game and making all the charging stations it manufactures carbon-neutral

Case Studies

Juice Technology has committed to planting one tree for every Juice Booster 2 it produces, with up to as many as 12 trees for its’ larger charging stations.

Over the first ten years of its life, a tree absorbs around 120 kg of carbon dioxide, whereas a Juice Booster 2 generates 84 kg of carbon dioxide, production and transport combined. The charging station manufacturer is investing in this initiative because it is absolutely convinced that clean mobility begins with clean charging technology. Customers will receive a certificate showing the precise coordinates of the reforestation area.

As the trees are not planted in monoculture plantations with limited species, but in natural forest areas, they can easily last for 50 or even 100 years. The amount of extra CO2 they absorb can be increased by the same multiples. The current planting site is in British Columbia, Canada.

Juice-CEO Christoph Erni explained: “We didn’t think it was enough to simply state on paper that our charging station production and transport processes are carbon-neutral. Instead, we decided to go one step further and commit to planting trees. We currently offer top quality, durable and sustainable products and now we can prove, backed up by a traceable system, that our production processes are 100% sustainable too. After all, if we are in a position to help make the world a better place, surely we should jump right in and do something about it?”

For this project, the company has joined forces with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organisation with considerable experience in reforestation. They already have plans to plant trees covering an area in excess of 200 football pitches in 2020 alone.

One Tree Planted are active in North America, Latin America, Asia, Australia and Africa, and their charitable activities are supported by a range of other partner organisations. “Forests clean our air, absorb harmful carbon, and provide habitat for biodiversity with a side benefit of creating jobs and supporting people’s livelihoods,” says Diana Chaplin from One Tree Planted. “So Juice is not only making a contribution to the environment, but also to wildlife and society. We are honored to have the support of such conscientious companies that focus on sustainability beyond their own business.”


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