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GSHPA announces Lara Bishop as the Chair of Association

A new Chair and Vice-Chair have been elected

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Everything Changes for GSHPA: Laura Bishop was elected as the Chairperson.

In the council meeting held by GSHPA on the 21st of October 2020, the following changes were announced:

  • Bean Beanland stepped down as the chairman. Bean was in this position for two years and will be moving on to work with the newly announced Heat Pump Federation based in Kent, UK. He will still be involved with GSHPA but as a non-voting member.
  • After holding the position for two years, Chris Davidson also stepped down as vice-chair. Chris will remain in the council but as the chair of the Policy Development Committee.
  • Laura Bishop has been elected as the new Chairperson of the Association.
  • Edward Thompson has been elected as the vice-chairman.

Laura Bishop is a chartered mechanical engineer by profession and has worked across some big companies such as Bombardier Transportation, Rolls-Royce, Babcock Intec and Infinitas Design Ltd. Laura supports heat pumps and their developments across the UK. She firmly believes that heat pumps must be deployed in place of traditional heating along with cooling systems. She has also been a qualified CIBSE ( Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers ) Heat Network Consultant. Laura has rightly influenced the use of heat pumps for ultra-low temperatures on a national scale.

What Laura had to say upon her appointment: 

  • There is no doubt that the heat pump industry is about to witness exciting times. 
  • The opportunities for more significant heat pump rollout in the UK have never been more excellent.

Edward Thompson is a qualified Charted Accountant with extensive experience in multiple industries such as finance, computing and numerous venture capitals projects. He is also the director of ICAX, a cleantech company that created renewable energy for the construction industry. 

ICAX, based in the UK, is a cleantech company that created renewable energy for the construction industry. They do this by using ground source energy for heating and cooling and recycling the heat energy to achieve low carbon buildings.

On his new appointment, Edward said, “I am grateful to the Council for voting me in as Vice-Chair of the GSHPA and look forward to the challenge.” 

He also added that he will be expanding on the opportunities related to decarbonisation by using heat transfer for helping the UK achieve its net-zero carbon emission by the year 2050.


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