Government vision for rapid chargers an important step towards mass EV market

Case Studies

  • Government releases vision for 6 high powered, open access charge points (150 – 350 kilowatt capable) at motorway service areas in England by 2023
  • Ambition for 2,500 such chargers by 2030 and 6,000 by 2035
  • New stipulations on these chargers relating to consumer ease and access

Commenting on the release of the Department for Transport’s vision for rapid charging along the strategic motorways and A-roads, Dr Nina Skorupska CBE, Chief Executive of the REA said:

“We welcome the vision released today for rapid charging along the major motorways and A roads. Targets are important, and that these are being bolstered by a major pot of funding for electricity network upgrades shows significant Government commitment to this agenda.

 “This is an important moment for the UK’s electric vehicle sector, one which should give confidence to investors, fleets, and individual drivers alike. Rapid charging is a crucial part of the overall network that the industry is building, and complements the slower chargers currently being installed en-mass on-street, in businesses, and in homes across the country. Ensuring consumer choice in where, how, and with whom drivers charge is a key part of this major technology change.

 “Equally important as the vision for the number of chargers is the Government’s comments on how chargers need to be easy to use. Consumers should be able to charge simply, and should have the option access data on their charging sessions.”


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