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Energy Now webinar with Wattstor – Going beyond simple solar: how to optimise renewable energy on your farm.

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Energy Now will be hosting a free webinar for its members at 5:00 PM GMT on Wednesday 29th November, in which an expert from Wattstor, Jack Peck, will explore ways to optimise renewable energy usage on your farm via a well-chosen battery solution. 

Farmers were some of the first adopters of solar technology in the UK, understanding the significant potential return on investment a PV installation could bring. With the demise of the feed-in-tariff, change in government policy, and new technology entrants to the market, however, the way forward in 2023/4 seems less clear.

In this webinar Jack Peck, Business Development Manager at Wattstor will aim to dispel a few myths and set out a clear route forward for the next phase of renewable energy in agriculture: battery energy storage.

Jack Peck, Business Development Manager, Wattstor

Jack Peck has over a decade’s experience in the renewable energy sector. Starting out as a solar developer, he has spent the past five years bringing battery storage solutions to market and now manages Wattstor’s business development and partnerships in the UK.


Jack will cover the following points:

  • Retrofitting batteries to farms with existing solar & wind installations
  • Expanding your solar installation in the post FIT era
  • How to determine if your land/farm can benefit from battery storage
  • Identifying when storage is the perfect solution for your business
  • What is load shifting and why is it key to maximising returns from solar? 
  • DC battery solutions – when grid constraints become a limiting factor

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