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Energy Now webinar with Limejump – Power Purchase Agreements: Securing the best £/MWh for your renewable energy asset

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Energy Now will be hosting a webinar for its members at 5pm on Thursday 15th September, in which Hamish Conway, Business Development Manager at Limejump, will discuss the current energy market and provide guidance on how renewable power generators can secure the best price per MWh for their energy.

Limejump, the UK’s leading energy-tech platform, combines human trading expertise with intelligent tech-led optimisation and forecasting, every second of every day. Through sophisticated and transparent Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) products and an agile 24/7 trading team, Limejump maximises clients revenue whilst also supporting the grid with much needed flexibility.

Hamish Conway Limejump

Hamish Conway (pictured left) collaborates and provides UK hydro, solar and wind generators with market leading Power Purchase Agreements. With a background in finance, Hamish strives to maximise revenues for our customers and has added over 150 assets to Limejump’s platform since joining in June 2021. Hamish keeps a firm finger on the pulse of the ever volatile power market to ensure he provides the best value and most accurate £/MWh for his customers.

In the webinar Hamish will initially deliver high level insight on how the power market has behaved over the past 6 months, with explainers as to why the company has witnessed such volatility when it comes to Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) pricing.

He will then go on to highlight how owners of renewable technologies can take advantage of these volatile power prices through Limejump’s unique PPA products. Q and A will follow.

“The power market has never experienced such volatility, and its unpredictability and high prices are unlikely to change as we approach what is being described as ‘one of the toughest winter’s to date’.” said Hamish.

“Understanding the ins and outs of the power market has never been of such paramount importance for both end users and renewable energy generators. Be sure to tune in to our webinar for an insight on what is currently happening in the power market, and how this knowledge can enable you to get the best £/MWh for your next Power Purchase Agreement.”

The webinar is free to attend for Energy Now members that pre-register here.  

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