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Energy Now webinar on Forage Feedstock Preservation

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Energy Now will be hosting a webinar for its members at 6pm on Wednesday 11th May, in which AD Feedstock Solutions will explore the science of ensiling and how to get the best from your forage feedstock by minimising dry matter losses.

Kelvin Cave Ltd has pioneered and developed products that have been leading the way in innovative forage preservation since 1982. This led to the development of AD Feedstock Solutions, a dedicated arm of the business, focused on those in the AD industry using ensiled energy crops as a feedstock. Forage preservation is a complex subject, with many variables.  Even the most advanced AD plant with the best engineers will never reach its full potential without the correct feedstock management system in place.

Mandy Mason - webinar on forage feedstock preservation

The webinar will be delivered by Mandy Mason (pictured left), the company’s Anaerobic Digestion Technical Manager, who possesses expertise in what can be done to harness the most from your feedstock to increase biogas yields.

It will primarily focus on:

  • Silaging basics – The principles of preservation and maintaining quality.
  • The science of silage – what happens to the crop, acid levels, oxygen and micro-organisms – wanted and/or unwanted.
  • The importance of compaction and sealing the clamp.
  • Clamp losses – what does it mean, how does it happen and how to prevent it.

The webinar is free to attend for Energy Now members. A presentation covering the above, will be followed by live Q and A. Any members wishing to attend should email to register.

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