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Energy Now webinar – How to reduce ammonia and methane emissions, while improving your fertiliser

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Coming hot on the heels of the COP26 methane pledge, Energy Now will be hosting a webinar for its members on 24th November at 6pm in which representatives of N2 Applied Ltd will discuss an innovative method of reducing on-farm methane and ammonia emissions, while creating a better fertiliser.

The technology developed by the company fires ‘artificial lightning’ at organic wastes, such as livestock slurry or biogas digestate. Not only does this process break up the associated ammonia and methane molecules, but it also increases the nitrogen content and therefore effectiveness of these natural fertilisers. The smell is also reduced – something your neighbours might appreciate!

The webinar will consider current food production challenges, walk participating members through the technology and give insight on how it can integrate with existing on-farm infrastructure. Real life results from the field will be featured, showcasing the applicability of the groundbreaking technology alongside locally produced electricity.

Company representative taking part in this webinar include:

The webinar is free to attend for Energy Now members – please email to register.

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