Electric vehicle guide launched

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As governments around the world push to reduce carbon emissions, electric vehicles are becoming more accessible and viable options for consumers whilst also balancing the need to protect the environment.

Autotrader.co.uk has launched a guide looking at the changes the electric vehicle revolution is set to bring: The Future of Electric Cars.

The guide shares useful information such as:

  • An overview of EVs – including a look at its history from the very first electric car in the 1800s to the hybrids and Teslas of our modern era.
  • The environmental and economic benefits of driving an electric car and what the upcoming 2030 petrol and diesel car ban will mean for consumers.
  • Advice for owning electric vehicles – including costs (taxes, insurance, servicing, resale values), government subsidies for EVs, and tips charging at home or for long journeys.
  • The future technologies and developments we can all look forward to as electric vehicles become mainstream.

Some of the interesting statistics found in the guide include:

  • Traveling 100 miles can be 850% cheaper in an electric vehicle vs. a petrol or diesel engine car.
  • As many as 6.5 million people (24% of UK consumers) plan on owning an electric car by 2026.
  • There are now over 515,000 electric cars registered in the UK as of 2021.

The Future of Electric Cars can be read in full here.


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