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CO2 Calculator from British Gas helps homeowners understand savings

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A third of the UK’s annual CO2 emissions are generated by household heating – as much as all petrol and diesel cars combined. Heat pumps are seen as a key technology in the low-carbon future of home heating, but by exactly how much could they lower household emissions?

To explore this, British Gas has created a calculator where the user can get a personalised estimate for how much CO2 they could reduce their household emissions by switching from fossil-fuelled boilers to a heat pump.

The calculator can also contextualise these CO2 savings by comparing the emissions saved with common CO2 emitters and off-setters, such as long-distance flights and carbon-absorbing trees.

It is estimated that by switching to a heat pump, an average sized UK home (a 2-3 bedroom house currently using a mains gas heating system) could lower its annual household emissions by 1,404Kg of CO2, on average – the equivalent of 3.3 flights from London to New York and switching to a vegan diet for four years.

British Gas went on to state that over five years, a typical household switching to a heat pump can make carbon saving equivalent to over 16 one-way economy flights from London to New York, with an estimated 28Kg of CO2 savings throughout the heat pump’s 20 year lifespan of a new heat pump (20 years)..

To try out the calculator and to view the CO2 emission equivalents data, head to the research page here


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