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British Hydropower Association announces new CEO

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The British Hydropower Association (BHA) have today announced the appointment of Kate Gilmartin as CEO, taking over from Simon Hamlyn who departs having led the trade association for nearly nine years.

Kate Gilmartin new British Hydropower Association CEO

Kate Gilmartin (pictured left) managed the Micro Hydro Association and coordinated the Community Hydro Forum for over 10 years prior to joining the BHA, developing an extensive knowledge of the hydropower sector, including the benefits projects offer local communities. The new CEO commented:

I am incredibly proud to have been appointed by the Board and look forward to representing the BHA members at this critical time. It is my job to make sure that hydropower continues to deliver whilst also working with stakeholders to unlock a new era of hydropower deployment that will help address the significant energy challenges we face.”

While unveiling their new Chief, the BHA were keen to underline the proven nature of hydropower technology and its predictable generation:

“As a baseload generator, hydropower deploys nearly 70% of its energy generation during winter, at peak demand,” a spokesperson said “making it perfectly placed to help meet our energy needs and make sure that the lights stay on over the winter months.”

“Further deployment of Hydropower will play a much greater role in displacing carbon-emitting, price-volatile technologies, alongside more intermittent renewables. Kate and the BHA will work closely with all its stakeholders to find a way to ensure these vital technologies are helping achieve our net-zero targets, keeping the lights on and driving down consumer bills,” they concluded.



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