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Birch Solutions: Empowering AD and Agriculture

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Birch Solutions has solidified its position in the AD marketplace through a series of strategic partnerships with major manufacturers, allowing the company to offer a comprehensive range of parts to both the AD and Agricultural sectors.

The company now offers a complete range of parts for AD plants, drawing from their extensive experience of running three plants of their own. This unique perspective allows them to precisely understand the needs of AD facilities, ensuring effective operation. Their commitment to supplying essential parts positions them as a reliable partner for AD operators, contributing to the sector’s growth and sustainability.

Having collaborated with hundreds of sites over the past year, Birch Solutions has gained valuable insights into the diverse requirements of AD facilities. This broad experience uniquely positions them to cater to the needs of individual sites as well as larger networks. By addressing the specific demands of each site, Birch Solutions enhances the overall efficiency of the AD sector.

Birch Solutions spare parts

The AD specialists have become the UK’s preferred supplier for renowned brands such as Paul Michl, PTM & Steverding, showcasing their commitment to quality and reliability. Securing preferential rates with other brands like Suma and Landia further demonstrates their dedication to providing clients with an extensive range of options at competitive prices whether you need a direct replacement or are considering ‘re-powering’ your site.

Additional strategic partnerships include Himmel and 2G. The partnership with 2G enables Birch Solutions to bring innovative combined heat and power (CHP) services to the UK with their full product portfolio, benefitting the company, its’ customers and the wider AD community.

According to a company spokesperson:

“We remain committed to offering expert support to AD operators and to improve availability and maximize uptime for AD plants. This comprehensive approach ensures that clients receive the necessary parts, and also the guidance and assistance needed to enhance the overall performance of their AD facilities.

“Our recent store expansion and the establishment of an excellent supply chain underscores our dedication to becoming the number one parts supplier in the UK. This expansion allows usto cater to the increasing demands of the AD and Agricultural sectors, ensuring a seamless and efficient supply of essential components.”

While primarily focussing on AD, their activities also positively influence the wider Agricultural sector. By ensuring a stable and reliable supply of parts they are indirectly supporting the smooth operation of agricultural processes connected to AD facilities and beyond – many components being used outside an AD setting, in slurry tanks and feeder systems for example, emphasising the holistic impact of their services on the broader agricultural landscape, and proving they can support a wide range of applications for the parts they supply.

Birch Solutions’ strategic partnerships, comprehensive parts supply, and commitment to expert support positions them as a pivotal player in the AD and Agricultural sectors, as they continue to work towards becoming the number one parts supplier in the UK.

Visit here for more information on the company, as well as quick and cost-effective access to essential parts.


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