“Don’t exclude rural communities from heat decarbonisation plans” says UK Pellet Council

The UKPC is urging Government not to "ignore" the rural off-grid communities, following the release of the Heat & Buildings Strategy, calling for a dedicated heat decarbonisation policy that supports biomass.

Carbon tax required to decarbonise UK economy says Centre for Policy Studies

The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) has released a new report, calling on UK Government to levy a carbon tax on carbon emitting companies to help achieve the country's decarbonisation objectives.

Farming Innovation Programme launched by Defra

A new £17.5m farming innovation fund, to encourage ideas that can enhance environmental sustainability and boost farm productivity, has opened for applications today.

Net Zero Strategy published by UK Government

The UK Government has published its' Net Zero Strategy, outlining how the country will dramatically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to reach net zero by 2050.

Grants for heat pumps offered as part of Government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy

Government have set out their strategy to decarbonise home heating through their Heat and Buildings Strategy, which offers homeowners a £5,000 grant to assist with the replacement of gas boilers with low-carbon heat pumps.

Environmental solutions awarded at inaugural Earthshot Prize event

The first five winners of the Earthshot Prize were revealed last night, each receiving a £1m grant and the support necessary to help scale up their environmental solutions and help in our fight against climate change.

Octopus Energy & RES partner to build green hydrogen plants

The two energy giants plan to invest £3bn in the development and operation of new green hydrogen plants across the UK by 2030, to help with both the UK's energy independence and net-zero ambitions.

Rush for renewables predicted as a result of energy crisis

Energy experts at Cornwall-based Total Energy Solutions are predicting a rush for renewables as businesses seek greater stability in their energy bills.

Transport decarbonisation plans need greater focus on well-to-wheel emissions says study

The Zemo Partnership have released a study recommending that the UK Government increases the focus on the well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions and overall energy efficiency performance of new fuels, as part of its' transport decarbonisation plans. 

Potential for solar energy in Scotland highlighted in report

The report from Solar Energy UK calls on Scottish Government for a minimum solar capacity target of 4GW by 2030, with the ambition to reach 6GW, to help with the country's Net Zero ambitions.

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