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Every month Energy Now interviews key industry figures to gain insight into market developments, including the latest opportunities, advancements in technology and legislative updates.

James Robottom, Onshore Wind Advocacy and Policy Manager, RenewableUK

RenewableUK's James Robottom shares his thoughts on the continued development of onshore wind in the UK, including the support available, planning challenges, making the most of the power generated and how the technology itself is evolving.

Dr Judith Thornton, Low Carbon Manager, IBERS Aberystwyth University

Energy Now speaks with Dr Judith Thornton from IBERS Aberystwyth University, re. works on projects which are reviewing the approach to Miscanthus breeding and considering how it might change to take advantage of recent scientific breakthroughs.

Valpy Fitzgerald, Director of Drax Renewables & Sustainable Commodities

EN sits down with Valpy Fitzgerald to discuss subjects including the Government's new Energy Security Strategy, the current energy market, prospects for renewables, securing the best price for generated power, storage and other smart systems and Drax's own decarbonisation plans.

Jon Swain, Technical Director at NFU Energy

Energy Now speaks with Jon Swain of NFU Energy re subjects including energy security, renewables, grant funding, climate change levy, decarbonisation of heat and more!

Lily Frencham, CEO of the Association for Decentralised Energy

The ADE's CEO discusses topics including the decarbonisation of rural infrastructure, heat networks & strategies, smart and flexible energy systems, energy prices, and the net zero communities of the future!

Laura Bishop, Chair of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association

The GSHPA Chair shares guidance on the use of heat pumps, as well as views on the energy crisis, renewable heating policy & the support available.

Interview with Emma Pinchbeck, Chief Executive of Energy UK

Emma Pinchbeck, the Chief Executive of Energy UK, shares her thoughts on topics including the mix of renewables and infrastructure changes required to achieve the UK's net-zero targets, the use of hydrogen, the phasing out of coal, carbon capturing and the next big thing....

EN discusses the energy crisis with the REA’s Director of Policy

In this interview the REA's Director of Policy Frank Gordon shares his views on the current energy crisis, as well as the urgent need to decentralise and decarbonise our energy network.

Heat pumps insight from Vital Energi’s Design Director Elliot Sharpe

Elliot Sharpe, Design Director at Vital Energi, provides insight into the business & environmental benefits of heat pumps, as well as guidance on the factors to consider if looking to invest.

Interview with Steven Day, co-founder of renewable energy supplier Pure Planet

Steven provides insight into Pure Planet and shares his thoughts on the future of the energy sector, switching to a renewable energy supplier, smart meters, ways to save energy and more!

Interview with Neil Wallis, Head of Communications at Zemo Partnership

Energy Now speaks with the Zemo Partnership's Head of Communications about the decarbonisation of our transport system, including the UK's recharging infrastructure, the role of hydrogen, grants, the pending ban on the sale of new petrol & diesel cars and electric tractors.

Interview with Caroline Drummond, chief executive of LEAF

Caroline Drummond has been chief executive of LEAF since it started in 1991. After graduating in Agriculture, Caroline worked on farms in the UK...