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Vogelsang provides reliable components for the economic production of biogas.

From pump technology to maceration, disintegration technology and solid matter feeding systems, Vogelsang offers a comprehensive portfolio of biogas technology for the entire range of fermentation.

This is why we see ourselves as partners in the biogas sector. Together with our customers, we are continuously developing our biogas technology, adapting it to ongoing changes in the underlying conditions to deliver solutions for the efficient production of biogas. An important aspect of this is the individual analysis of every single biogas plant. This is the only way to find and get the most out of the biogas plant.

In 2023, Vogelsang launched a new progressive cavity pump – the HiCone. Developed to save energy during its use and significantly extend its service life, the HiCone pump features a conical form combined with an innovative setting not used before.

Amongst other features, the HiCone has a lower electricity requirement, an automatic start-up and an ability to readjust reducing the need for replacement parts. The system can be installed in progressive cavity pumps even with high flow rates of up to 290 cubic meters per hour. It can also be quickly and easily adapted to different pumping tasks and changing operating parameters such as pressure, viscosity or temperature.

Biogas plants are also benefiting from Vogelsang’s solid matter feeder, the PreMix – the 4-in-1 unit that separates, mashes, prepares and pumps.

PreMix combines four steps within a compact, space-saving unit. The universal feeder system is a combination of our progressive cavity pump (CC series) with the RotaCut RCX cutter. Optionally the solid matter feeder can be equipped with the Debris Removal System (DRS) and Debris Lift Unit (DLU).

The biomass is introduced into the side of the system through any feed screw. At the same time, liquid (recirculated material, liquid manure) is added. In a single step, the PreMix turns this into a homogeneous organic suspension and pumps it into the digester.

As the biomass is mashed into a homogeneous suspension which can be pumped, multiple digesters can be fed via a pipe network with one PreMix, and additional containers can easily be connected at a later time.


  • Rotary lobe pumps
  • Progressive cavity pumps
  • Macerators
  • Separators
  • Mixers
  • Solid Matter Feeders
  • Data Management and Control Technology

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