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OMEX Environmental Ltd

OMEX Environmental Ltd are leading experts in the field of anaerobic digestion and process optimisation. With over 30 years’ experience working within the AD market, OMEX have a vast knowledge on what is needed for AD plants to operate at their maximum potential. We have a specific range of AD products designed to optimise the biological health of an anaerobic digestion plant to maximise profits from electricity, heat and biomethane production.

These products include Trace Element Additives, to cover micronutrient deficiencies in your plant, Active Fe iron powder blends for the minimisation of hydrogen sulphide levels and Enzymes to improve fermentation efficiency, which lead to the production of higher biogas volumes.

We are proud to have our own UK based Laboratory where we can analyse digestate samples to investigate the best ways of optimising the performance of a biogas plant. From there we can recommend a solution to help maximise a plants’ operational performance. OMEX are known for their customer service and client relationships, with feedback through new product trials and regular testing of a digester to show the effectiveness of any products used.

OMEX are constantly striving to meet market requirements and developing new products to keep up with industry needs.


  • Industrial Wastewater and Effluent Treatment Solutions
  • Biogas Plant Optimisation Solutions
  • Enzyme solutions
  • Technical advice and support
  • Full treatment solution packages
  • Fully equipped UK Laboratory
  • Dosing Units available

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