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New Holland Agriculture

New Holland is a world-leading agricultural equipment brand with over 125 years of experience, providing innovative, efficient, and sustainable farming solutions whilst supporting farmers across the globe.

The company is the first agricultural equipment manufacturer to produce the world’s first methane powered tractor, the New Holland T6.180, recent winner of the 2022 Sustainable Tractor of the Year. This is hard evidence of New Holland’s relentless drive to work towards reducing the UK’s greenhouse emissions by 78% in 2035. The T6 meets green credentials with a dramatic reduction in Particulate matter (PM) and Nitrous Oxides (NOX) and other harmful gases resulting in an overall saving of 80% emissions polluting the atmosphere all whilst delivering the same power, torque and durability as a diesel equivalent.  The tractor is powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) which allows users to make use of biomethane stations, Alternatively, refilling can be performed directly from the gas grid network with an installed compressor.

The T6 methane tractor is a key player in reducing your carbon footprint.

From concept to reality the T6.180 Methane is truly powered by nature.

A first for the industry and pioneered by New Holland, this 5800kg tractor with Semi Powershift transmission lends itself to multiple business uses, from loader work to hedge trimming or hauling on the road.

The future is here in the fight towards carbon net zero and its readily available now.

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