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Keeping the nation solar powered!

We are a small team with a big network, covering the whole of the U.K. and helping farmers, land owners, universities, businesses and energy companies to maximise the amount of solar PV energy they produce.

Our engineers have worked in the industry for over 10 years and were the first to maintain and operate a solar PV site capable of producing over a MegaWatt.

After tens of thousands of Solar PV systems were rushed on to sites to take advantage of government-backed incentives and reduce energy bills, we realised nobody had thought of the future. Who would ensure the systems kept producing clean, green power as they were originally designed to do?

For example, imagine you are a farmer in Somerset who paid £100,000 for a solar PV system in 2010 to generate clean and sustainable power. Fast forward 10 years and now you have noticed the system is not producing as much as it once did and are worried there could be a problem.

HIT Energy Services grew out of offering a solution to these concerns – finding simple faults that were reducing energy generation and losing businesses thousands of pounds. In other cases, our engineers have found serious problems with the potential to cause electrical fires and tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Free health checks

A key part of our service is offering to give any system our expert test through. If an owner suspects their Solar PV is underperforming, our engineers will look through the last 12 months of performance and physically test through the DC/LV of the system to check the technical analysis of the site.

Nobody knows the industry like us and we are ready to visit anyone, anywhere in the U.K. to get their system fully firing once again.

To see how your solar PV is performing check here.

Revolutionary technology

We don’t just work to reinstate the system – but to keep an eye on it every hour with a piece of unique technology we have developed that is revolutionising the industry.

It’s like having an engineer always on site!

The HIT Energy Guard – Vision Pro, which has won a string of innovation awards, works through a simple device attached to your solar PV system which feeds hourly data back to us via an internet signal. Using tightly calibrated sensors, it is able to monitor a true performance value for any PV system every hour from only £1 a day! If an issue causes a drop in production, we are automatically alerted, with an engineer armed with this information sent to rectify the problem quickly.

It means anyone with solar panels can be reassured their generation will stay as close to 100% of a system’s potential at all times and they won’t lose any money or power. Above all else, it gives confidence to the owner and makes underperformance a thing of the past.

When do I clean the solar panels?

Using our performance sensor vs output of the site we can advise and arrange cleaning of the modules as per manufacture recommendations to ensure no warranties are void and maximum output of your investment is achieved.

The future?

But life in the 2020s is changing – it’s not just about helping farmers and landowners to keep generating energy from systems that are 20 or 30 years old.

For the first time since the industrial revolution, we no longer use any coal, with solar energy seen as a way of further reducing our carbon footprint.

Our pioneering and multi award winning technology means solar energy can be the reliable, green power of the present and future.


  • Free Health Checks of your Solar PV system
  • Remote Monitoring through our innovate technology – the HIT Energy Guard – Vision Pro
  • Full electrical contracting 
  • Fibre Optic Data Cabling
  • Maximise output & returns from existing Solar PV systems

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