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Good Energy

Good Energy was founded over two decades ago to give people a way to be part of a practical solution to climate change. In that time, we’ve grown from supplying 100% renewable electricity from independent renewable generators, to also providing services such as solar panel, battery storage and heat pump installation. What’s more, we’re a major investor in Zap-Map, the UK’s go-to electric vehicle charging app.

Our renewable generator community

We have Power Purchase Agreements with over 2,000 independent renewable generators across Britain. We work hard to provide our community of generators with friendly and expert service; and ensure that they are paid fairly for their electricity through insights from our own trading team.

Make your business greener with Good Energy

Here are some of the ways we can help your business to cut its carbon emissions:

The future according to Good Energy

Even as we change and grow, we remain committed to being a genuinely green energy company, passionate about supporting our customers to achieve their sustainability goals. Our ambition is to help one million homes and businesses cut carbon from their energy and transport.

Watch the video to find out more about who we are – and where we’re going next.


  • Power Purchase Agreements
    • Classic PPA
      Fixed price certainty for up to 3 years.
    • SmartGen
      A simple contract for smaller generators of up to 250kW.
    • Bespoke PPA
      Fully flexible contracts with direct access to energy markets, for complete pricing control.
  • 100% renewable electricity for business
  • Business Feed-in Tariff services
  • Solar installation and battery storage services

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