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Having recently been acquired by 3i Infrastructure Plc in early 2023, 3i Infrastructure’s funding and support mean we can push on with Project Carbon Harvest, our venture to design and operate the next generation of AD plants delivering Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) while helping to decarbonise UK farming.

We are an experienced operator, running a significant percentage of the highest performing plants in the UK. We provide a complete service to investment funds in Anaerobic Digestion, covering construction, commissioning, optimisation, operations, maintenance, biology, feedstock, Health and Safety, Environmental and Ofgem compliance and financial reporting.

Our Operations team is one of the largest Anaerobic Digestion teams in the UK, it is made up of over 160 people that span day to day production, scheduled maintenance and unplanned engineering with access to a store of over £1.5 Million of AD specific spares. It is supported by technology and optimisation experts, a market leading feedstock team and a well-resourced biology team with their own laboratory.

The Operations team focuses on reliable output, with a commitment to two fundamental core drivers, people and operational excellence. The firm prides itself on running consistently performing AD assets in an industry where market performance is commonly intermittent. Our experience is that AD plant profitability is heavily reliant on a team that is well managed and properly resourced. BECCS is critical to the UK’s delivery of net zero.

Our new BECCS sites are on-track to become the UK’s first to capture bio-CO2 from biogas for permanent geological storage. This process actively removes carbon from the atmosphere, reversing GHG emissions. Crucially, the business model is built around operating without the need for government subsidy.

Consequently, this model has the potential to break biomethane dependence on government support (e.g., RHI, GGSS) – saving the government money whilst helping to reach Net Zero. Following the 3I transaction, our first new BECCS plant is in build for at a site in Gonerby Moor.

You can view one of our gas to grid plants, generating up to 600m³ of biomethane per hour, in the below video.


  • Biogas Plant Construction
  • Plant Management and Optimisation
  • Biogas Consultancy
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Energy Crop Growing Partnerships
  • Carbon Capture and Storage
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  • Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS)

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