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Ram pumps sludge to holding tankSpecialising in the design, manufacture and supply of industrial, custom-built, British Energy Ram and Diaphragm Pumps for everyday WTW’s and WwTW’s Energy Chemical & Equipment Company is registered with Procurement at the UK’s Water Authorities including Thames Water Utilities Ltd since our first design was engineered in 1984 by our Mr. Peter Clarke and Mr. Paul Wheatley.

Energy Chemical & Equipment Company always endeavours to provide competitive discounts on Energy Pumps, parts and spares.

Energy providers are people who come from all religious faiths, all cultures and backgrounds and who work together with the global Energy, Waste water, Utility companies and Utility consultants – like your good selves in Investment and on the ground. Waste water Staff – Senior Engineers, Operations Managers, Maintenance Service Engineers plus those of us that manufacture and supply British Sludge-shifting essentials like Energy Ram and Diaphragm Pumps are justifiably proud to be among the World’s leaders in Energy and in Wastewater Treatment and for Effluent pumping in and around the British environment, in Abattoirs, on canal boats, pollution on riverside and marine developments, in Quarries on Farms; off-shore black and grey water in Shipping, for Food Processing and Chemical Waste. Energy Chemical & Equipment Company’s British Energy Ram and Diaphragm Pumps for Sludge and Waste water, Digester feed, Humus, Filter Press Feed, Recycling and Industrial waste are traditionally placed to withstand tough competition.

Energy Ram and Diaphragm Pumps are popular with many Waste water site and Civil engineers. Regarded by experts for being cost-effective, energy-efficient, dependable and capable of handling rags and solids without becoming blocked, Energy Ram and Diaphragm Pumps – from the aluminium castings, through to the Energy Valves, Energy Diaphragms and finished Goods – are manufactured from products provided to Energy Chemical & Equipment Company by local, British companies supplying Energy Chemical & Equipment Company with components necessary for the manufacture of Energy Ram and Diaphragm Pumps.

Please contact our offices for a free, no-obligation quote for your British sewage-pumping requirements in the United Kingdom’s wastewater, effluent and sludge industries. We are always pleased to hear from companies interested in supplying our Energy Ram and Diaphragm Pumps.

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