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Calibrate Energy Engineering supply intelligent, hands off, commercial heating, chilling and electricity generating solutions to high energy-use industries.

Our mission is to rethink and reshape how energy is more economically utilised and consumed. We do this by reducing our client’s operational expenditure, providing an extra income stream and creating a positive impact on their carbon profile.

What we do

We have been doing this in New Zealand and the UK for nearly 20 years and our team, experience and reputation has grown exponentially so that we are now recognised as industry leaders in energy generating solutions.

Key Industries

The systems we install are are industrial in size and commercial in scope, available nationwide and are ideally suited to high energy-use industries such as:

  • Agriculture / Horticulture – Examples include heat for for grain and daffodil drying and chill for potato and milk storage as well as electricity generation
  • Chemical and Life Sciences – Process heating, chilling, sterilisation and electricity generation
  • Food and Drink – Chilled storage and food conditioning as well as electricity generation
  • Schools and Education – Facility (such as classroom, gym or pool) heating and air conditioning (HVac) and electricity generation.

As a company, we aim to reduce the impact that carbon emissions have on our environment. We remain focused on helping commercial businesses to meet the Government’s goal to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 for a more sustainable future.


  • Service and maintenance packages – All our products come with the option of a 1 – 20 year maintenance package for continued support and peace of mind.
  • Grid balancing services (Gridflex) – Our energy balancing service allows customers to profit by matching their energy generation and use to the needs of the National Grid.


  • Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) – We install between 499kW and 6MW UK-wide and pride ourselves on bespoke, innovative, modularised and ‘hands off’ solution.
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems – With output ranging from 50kW to 200kW, the Calibrate CHP can run on gas, LPG, CNG or hydrogen and produces electricity and heat up to 85°C.
  • Belt Dryer – Our modularised Calibrate Beltdry uses a high temperature-resistant belt and is ideal for many industries from food to chemicals, and ensures the processing of the highest quality end product.

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