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Borger UK Limited

Founded in 1975, family-owned Borger has rightly established a first-class reputation for the effectiveness, efficiency, reliability and simplicity of its proven rotary lobe pumps, which are designed with easy to service ‘Maintenance-In-Place’.

The Borger BioSelect separates fibre solids from digester liquid

In 2016, Borger launched its Bioselect range of Separators (pictured left), which using a purely mechanical process, separate liquid parts from solids. Such has been their popularity that Borger recently introduced a new, affordable, 25 m³/h model, suitable for dairy farmers and for small-scale biogas operators. The launch of this compact new Bioselect RC 25 (which complements Borger’s existing range of up to 40 m³/h, 75 m³/h and 150 m³/h Separators), provides easy and highly effective separation of slurry.

Borger also now makes the Powerfeed DUO for highly efficient solids feeding and mixing technology (with 15 cubic metres of storage capacity). Suitable for almost any AD plant, the fully automated Powerfeed DUO is capable of handling the widest variety of feedstocks; benefitting from feed rates of up to 9 tonnes per hour and storage allowing up to 11 tonnes of feed – from just one load. Feedstock is mixed by a large mixing drum and then fed to a circulation line through a dry compression zone reducing oxygen input.




  • Rotary Lobe pumps
  • Separation
  • Macerating
  • Solid Feed
  • Mobile Pumps
  • Stainless Steel Tanks
  • Agitators

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