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Birch Solutions t/a Singleton Birch

Pioneering Parts, Oils & Chemical Supply for the Renewable Sector

Birch Solutions T/A Singleton Birch has emerged as a prominent provider of parts, oils, and chemicals to the anaerobic digestion (AD), biogas, bio-resources, and renewable generation sectors in the UK. With an ambitious vision for the future, the company is dedicated to expanding its reach and delivery to meet the evolving needs of these critical industries.

Preferred Supplier Partnerships

Singleton Birch has established preferred supplier partnerships with a range of leading manufacturers.

Birch solutions preferred suppliers

This strategic approach ensures rapid availability of essential parts at fair prices. By dealing directly with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) suppliers, the company effectively manages importation processes and consolidates parts packs from multiple sources, streamlining the supply chain and enhancing efficiency.

Recent Store Expansion

To better serve its customers, Singleton Birch has recently expanded its storage capabilities, more than doubling its previous space. This expansion allows the company to hold a larger inventory, ensuring that customers can access the parts they need for immediate dispatch. This commitment to quick and reliable supply is a cornerstone of Birch Solutions’ service ethos.



Birch Solutions chemical supply options

Key Partnerships and Products

  • 2G Partnership: Birch Solutions t/a Singleton Birch supports the full portfolio of 2G, providing comprehensive parts supply to ensure seamless operation and maintenance.
  • Chemical Supply: A new partnership with a major chemical company enables Birch Solutions to offer a diverse range of biogas optimization solutions. These products are sourced and manufactured in Europe and delivered in bulk directly to UK stores, ensuring timely availability for customers.

Commitment to Excellence

Birch Solutions T/A Singleton Birch is dedicated to providing exceptional products  and support to the AD, biogas, bio-resources, and renewable generation sectors. With strategic partnerships, expanded storage capabilities, and a comprehensive range of products and services, Birch Solutions is well-positioned to support the growing needs of these industries and contribute to their ongoing success.

For more information, please visit Birch Solutions’ website.

By continuously enhancing its capabilities and forging strong partnerships, Birch Solutions T/A Singleton Birch remains at the forefront of innovation and service in the renewable energy sector.


AD Biological Analysis and Lime Dosing Solutions

The Bio-resources team offers expert tailored AD biological analysis, allowing for the diagnosis and resolution of any issues that may affect plant efficiency. This service is vital for optimizing the performance of AD plants.

Additionally, Singleton Birch, with over 200 years of experience, provides robust support for liquid and powder lime dosing solutions. These solutions are applicable across various sectors, including AD and water treatment sites, underscoring the company’s extensive expertise and reliability.


Industry-Approved Engine Oils

Singleton Birch supplies a range of industry-approved engine oils, including:

  • Mobil Pegasus
  • Shell Mysella
  • Petro Canada Sentron

These high-quality oils are essential for ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of engines within the renewable sector.

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