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Birch Solutions UK

Providing expert biogas plant services across the UK

Birch Solutions is now the leading provider of expert services to the AD, biogas, Bio-Resources, and renewable generation sector in the UK. We have big ambitions to go even further. We are trusted to consistently deliver excellence for mission critical service support.

The business is dedicated to developing new anaerobic digestion plants, supporting biogas facilities of all sizes, and providing leading services, maintenance, parts, and expertise to ensure customers can maximise their revenue and cut input costs.

Birch Solutions

Working with PlanET, Birch Solutions can develop and build new AD plants up to 60GW (or Tier One) under the Government Green Gas Scheme. Whether it’s compact agricultural facilities or projects on an industrial scale, specialists from Birch Solutions can provide expert support from the very first talks, all the way through to commissioning.

For existing plants, Birch Solutions deliver a range of services to help AD operators to maximise their efficiency and fulfil their financial potential.

This includes expert tailored AD biological analysis through the BioLab and the Bioresources services team and provide liquid and powder lime dosing for a range of applications.

Birch Solutions also provides a range of Parts and Service Support packages tailored to suit the requirements of your individual site. We are the preferred UK supplier for many key parts suppliers, giving you instant access to the parts and maintenance you need, to ensure you minimise any downtime. This service includes full site audits and experts on hand to provide advice. Access to a full UK parts store, import parts from OEMs and rapid response with 24 hours call out, enables our qualified teams to install key equipment and provide support when you need it most.

Our support and expertise encompass all elements of your AD plant, including the service and maintenance your CHP. Our team can provide a full range of services from routine works, and service checks to full rebuilds. Where remote access is available, we can dial in to offer diagnostics to potentially provide instant solutions.

To learn more about how Birch Solutions can help you, contact our expert team today by emailing or calling 01652 686060. You can also visit our website at and find us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to follow our journey and hopefully assist you with yours!



  • AD Plant Service Maintenance – A full range of services to biogas plant operators for the optimisation, servicing and maintenance of their plants.
  • AD Plant Refurbishment and Repowering – Extensive experience in upgrading biogas plants and a multi-disciplinary team to deliver turnkey projects and plant upgrades.
  • CHP Service and Maintenance – A variety of maintenance and services including contracted support and overhauls.
  • Part and Service Support – Bespoke service packages supported by our extensive spare parts operation. UK preferred supplier for many key components.
  • Birch Biolab – With competitively priced analysis and a rapid turnaround, Birch Biolab incorporates a wide range of analytical services and performance enhancing products.


  • New AD Plants and Plant Expansions – Utilising extensive experience of plant design and construction for new builds, and expansion projects including the refurbishment of feed systems, digestion assets and repowering of plants.
  • Flare Gas Systems & Gas Blower Compressor Systems – Partnered with Gastechnik Himmel to offer customers market leading flare gas system solutions.
  • CHPs – upgrades and replacements with a supply chain to support most brands/makes of engine and associated plant.
  • Biogas Upgrading and CO2 Liquefaction – Industry leading membrane based and pressure swing absorption biogas upgrading technologies guarantee profitable and highly efficient solutions.

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