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Biomass Connect is a demonstration and knowledge-sharing platform providing robust, independent information on biomass feedstock performance, agronomy, economics, and environmental benefits for landowners, land managers and policymakers.

Biomass Connect includes eight demonstration hubs located across the UK, each growing up to 10 species of biomass crops, and helping de-risk new crop adoption by comparing their performance across regions. The demonstrator hub sites also provide a dedicated space for growers and other interested parties to see the different crops in situ. We run a series of demonstration events (open to all) from these hub sites to facilitate discussion and learning regarding the biomass sector.

Biomass Connect is one of 12 projects within the Biomass Feedstocks Innovation Programme (funded through the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero), which aims to increase the production of sustainable UK biomass feedstocks. These projects have the potential to maximise the economic and environmental benefits of biomass crops. The Biomass Connect platform disseminates information regarding these projects, and the demonstrator hub sites provide a means of demonstrating some of their innovations (we also team up with the innovation projects at various shows, the next one will be Groundswell 26th-27th June).

The Biomass Connect team seek to share knowledge and real-world experiences that can make a significant contribution to agricultural, environmental, and policy development around biomass, practical on-farm advances, and overall growth in the UK’s biomass sector.

If you want to know more, or come to one of our demonstration events, shows or webinars, please use the website to access our calendar of events, and get links to tickets and our schedule. We are constantly adding (and reviewing existing) content on our website, which includes crop information, technical articles and case studies on a range of topics, as well as a recently launched (and ever growing) directory where you can search for organisations associated with the biomass sector in the UK. You can also find full information about our demonstrator hub sites across the UK (with monthly updates on their progress), and lots, lots more. You can also keep up to date by connecting via our social media channels, via the links on the right.

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