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Ammongas is a danish producer of environmental facilities, established in 2002 with more than 40 plants in Northern Europe. The plants are designed and built by our dedicated engineers with focus on sustainability, economy, efficiency, and operational reliability within biogas upgrading, air- and gas cleaning, odour removal as well as ammonia separation and concentration.
Ammongas provides tailored solutions to the individual needs of the customer and offers a high degree of flexibility regarding options and design specifications.

With Ammongas’ service agreement our team of service engineers will gladly resolve issues and help with optimisation of the plant, after commissioning, as well as being available 24/7 with the Ammongas hotline.

The biogas upgrading plants work at an almost pressureless stage, and the compression of the gas is limited to the biomethane minimizing the power consumption to compression.
Operating with amine scrubbing makes it possible for the biogas to enter the plant without precleaning of H2S and other impurities. The plants are equipped with heat recuperation, which means that it is possible to recover more than 80 % of the heat used in the upgrading process. These factors make sure that the operational expenses are kept low.

The Ammongas upgrading plant can separate the CO2 from the biomethane to high degree ideal for grid injection, bio-CNG or liquefaction combined with a low methane slippage to the CO2 stream of less than 0.1 % the upgrading plants ensure that all the inlet biogas create a revenue in the >99 % availability.

A biogas upgrading plant from Ammongas is future-proof and strives for the highest possible performance in favour of the customer.


  • Biogas upgrading
    • Upgrading with amine scrubbing with high heat recuperation
  • Scrubbers
    • Air- and gas purification
  • NH3-seperation and concentration
    • Separation with stripper-condenser solution, or stripper-absorption solution
  • Carbon capturing
    • With amine scrubbing the CO2 can be separated to a purity of > 99 %
  • Active carbon filters
    • New installations or retrofit
  • Service and maintenance
    • Service agreement with scheduled maintenance and 24/7 hotline

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