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AD Feedstock Solutions

Focusing on feedstock preservation for the AD industry

Since 1982 our parent company, Kelvin Cave Ltd, has pioneered and developed products that have been leading the way in innovative forage preservation. This led us to develop AD Feedstock Solutions as a dedicated arm of the business, focused on those in the AD industry using ensiled energy crops as a feedstock.

All our products are independently researched – they have to add value to your business to be of value to ours.

Even with the most advanced AD plant and the best engineers, without the right feedstock management system your biogas plant will never reach its full potential. From field to feed-out, an average of 25% of the silage dry matter* is lost, primarily as carbon dioxide and water, due to inefficiencies in the ensiling process. This results in lower biogas yields.

Forage preservation is key to helping improve biogas production. Done poorly it not only loses dry matter, creating a reduction in biogas yield, it may also cause complications in the digester.

At AD Feedstock Solutions we can help you streamline your forage preservation and clamp management process by getting to grips with the science behind it – leading to a more profitable biogas future.

(*Wilkinson and Davies 2013)

The Complete Package for Optimal Forage Preservation

From harvest to feed-out, we offer the complete ensiling system to maximise the potential of your energy crop. We can provide you with the necessary tools and advice to minimise losses. Our experienced team works with customers to help devise the best solutions for their plant, with on-going technical support.


  • Minimise dry matter losses in ensiled energy crops
  • Maximise biogas opportunity
  • Improved consolidation when filling the clamp
  • Create a fast, effective fermentation
  • Prevent heating in the feedstock
  • Achieve unparalleled aerobic stability in the clamp and at feed-out
  • Reduce carbon dioxide losses from the silage clamp
  • Optimise the energy value of ensiled feedstock
  • Prevent carbon dioxide losses from acetic acid production in the clamp
  • Improved carbon footprint
  • Bespoke training sessions for customers and/or their contractors on clamp management


  • Silage Additives
    • Preservatives – producing a fast, efficient fermentation and unparalleled reliability for aerobic stability to prevent heating in the clamp and at feed-out, minimising dry matter losses.
    • Silage inoculant – with an innovative twist to prevent dry matter losses, offering superior aerobic stability when compared to other inoculants.
  • Crimped grain preservation system.
  • Unique 2-in-1 oxygen barrier sheeting – a one sheet application that creates a better seal in the clamp.
  • SilaPactor for up to 40% improvement in forage consolidation in the clamp.
  • Expertise in forage preservation and clamp management.

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