Major shift in UK land use needed to deliver Net Zero emissions

The UK has committed to becoming a Net Zero economy by 2050. Meeting that goal requires a transformation in land use across the UK....

Agriculture Bill to boost environment and food production

A future where farmers are properly supported to farm more innovatively and protect the environment is a step closer this month following the introduction...

Orange peel, rubbish and fatbergs: The fuels behind the future of green transport

• Technological advances towards net-zero to be made through four new UK-based advanced biofuel plants • Pioneering projects will receive government funding and could lead...

Government announces £50 million scheme to encourage tree-planting

The government has launched this scheme as the trees capture and store carbon from the atmosphere, otherwise known as carbon sequestration. The scheme opens...

Drax sets world-first ambition to become carbon negative by 2030

Leading British energy company, Drax Group Plc announced its’ ambition to become carbon negative when CEO Will Gardiner spoke at a Powering Past Coal...

Farmers are key drivers in the transition to ‘net zero’ emissions

Farming causes around 10% of UK greenhouse gas emissions and reaching ‘net zero’ is now top priority, with a new range of incentives likely...

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) supports the Biomass Heat Works! campaign

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has pledged its support to the Biomass Heat Works! campaign, the biomass heat industry’s call for UK Government to...

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Renewable energy insurance expert issues warning over underinsurance risk

Kris Johnson, a renewable energy insurance expert at Lycetts, warns that operators of renewable energy schemes could be at risk of significant financial losses due to being underinsured.

Big money savings accessed through Climate Change Agreements (CCAs)

Jon Swain, Technical Director at NFU Energy. explains what Climate Change Agreements are and how some farmers can benefit from significant energy cost savings.

Valorising Agri-Waste

Lucy Hopwoood, Lead Consultant at the NNFCC provides guidance on maximising the value of agricultural waste and outputs

Have your solar panels received a health check recently?

HIT Energy services provide advice on how to maximise the returns from your PV system

National Grid scheme paying generators to switch off

The COVID-19 lockdown has recently seen demand for electricity drop by as much as 20%. This has led to the National Grid looking for...