New report sets out renewable energy’s contribution to rural Scotland

Renewable energy’s contribution to the economy of rural Scotland is analysed in a new publication by industry body Scottish Renewables

Moldova increases energy self-sufficiency with British green technology

In one of Moldova’s most innovative projects to date, 19 district heating systems will be powered by Miscanthus, each with 1-2.5 MW capacity.

Defra to cut red tape for farmers

Farmers will no longer have to comply with the EC's 'greening requirements' from 2021, aiding the transition to the ELM Scheme

Ground-breaking carbon recycling project is set to transform the UK’s food production systems

The UK’s first-ever scalable route to the sustainable generation of protein, capturing the carbon dioxide from bio-energy generation, has launched with £3M funding from Innovate UK

Green light for Renewable Electricity Support Scheme in Ireland

The Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS) is a competitive auction-based scheme through which renewable electricity projects receive a guaranteed price for the electricity generated.

Agri-tech turning CO2 into animal feed and ‘largest known’ farm robotics project receive UK government funding

An innovative project in Nottingham that converts carbon dioxide into clean animal feed and the largest known global demonstration of robotics and autonomous technologies on a farm are among 9 pioneering agri-tech projects set to benefit from £24 million of government funding.

Government relaxes planning rules for energy storage projects

Changes to the planning rules have been introduced, making it easier to deploy energy storage systems in England and Wales, in what is being seen as a 'crucial' step in developing new subsidy-free renewable energy projects.

NFU seek members’ views on the phase-out of petrol and diesel vehicle sales

Government is consulting on bringing forward the date by which sales of new petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles will end - NFU call for members' views

Renewables and battery storage projects could add £125 billion to UK economy shows analysis

New analysis from Regen shows that the UK has a pipeline of shovel-ready renewable energy and battery storage projects that could provide hundreds of thousands of jobs and contribute over £125 billion to the green economic recovery

Ofgem announces £25 billion green network plan

Ofgem has unveiled a £25bn investment proposal to support the growth of green energy in the UK, including a £630m innovation fund

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