Welsh Government unveils plans for a Clean Air Bill

The accompanying consultation could see burning traditional house coal banned and further restrictions placed on the burning of wet wood

Environmental Land Management webinar unveiled

The fifth Digital Insights webinar from Low Carbon Agriculture show, taking place on 27th Jan, will explore the importance of ‘Environmental Land Management’ and what it means for the future of UK farming.

Scaling-up of energy crops needed to meet net-zero

Miscanthus specialist encouraged by the Committee on Climate Change's sixth carbon budget.

Energy White Paper published by UK Government

The Government's long awaited Energy White Paper addresses the transformation of our energy system and includes measures to cut emissions by 230 million metric tonnes in the next decade.

December Digital Insights webinar to focus on Low Carbon Transport and Machinery

Expert speakers include Alec Thomson, Project Manager at LowCVP, Mike Woollacott, MD of GreenWatt Technologies and Greg Hilton, Partner at Carter Jonas.

Dragon Drilling Leads the Way

Corwen based Dragon Drilling have taken delivery of a new Rotomax drilling rig, designed to radically change the way in which boreholes for water supplies and ground source heating systems are drilled.

Climate Change Committee (CCC) unveils its Sixth Carbon Budget

The budget calls for a 78% reduction in GHG emissions by 2035 and outlines the key steps to achieving this as part of the UK's Net-Zero goals.

“Straw to Energy” guide published

The guide, produced by Food & Bio Cluster Denmark, as part of the AgroBioHeat project, includes the latest information on utilising straw for energy purposes.

The UK’s first EV charging station opens for business

The UK’s first charging station for electric vehicles (EVs) has opened near Braintree, Essex, offering rapid charging for up to 36 vehicles at a time.

Government commits to 68% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030

The new target commits the UK to cutting emissions at a faster rate than any major economy so far.

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