Glenfiddich fuels transport fleet with biogas made from its own whisky residues

Leading whisky distillers Glenfiddich have launched an initiative that will make it the first global spirits brand to run its delivery fleet on biogas made from its own production wastes and residues.

Government and Ofgem announce smart systems and energy flexibility plans

UK government and Ofgem have released their smart systems & energy flexibility plans aiming to boost energy efficiency and create greater flexibility in our networks. The plans come with consultations on barriers to the deployment of both large scale storage systems, and technologies that allow EVs to export electricity from their batteries

Renewable energy sector growth hindered by Government’s ‘policy gap’ says REA report

The REA's annual 'state of the industry' report concludes that while the renewable energy sector continues to grow, it will fall short of our Net Zero targets without additional investment and policy support.

Transport decarbonisation plan published by UK Government

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has unveiled the UK's transport decarbonisation plan, providing a "greenprint" to cut emissions from our seas and skies, roads and railways, and set out a pathway for the whole transport sector to reach net zero by 2050.

NFU launches ‘right tree, right place’ Strategy

The NFU have this week launched a strategy highlighting the need for planting "the right tree in the right place", while maximising successful long-term objectives, and preserving land for food production.

New campaign launched to raise “billions” for local decarbonisation projects

A new campaign has launched that will allow local authorities to raise capital to fund decarbonisation projects in their areas, such as EV charging networks, wind and solar energy systems.

Pure Planet and bp launch new digital carbon-information service

The new service allows Pure Planet members to link their home energy tariff and their EV, giving real-time cost per mile data, cost per charge and CO2 emission savings compared with a petrol or diesel car.

Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) rates revealed

Defra secretary George Eustice (pictured) announced the new Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) rates while speaking at the recently held Cereals event.

Greater focus required on the “forgotten giant” of low-carbon electricity says IEA report

The IEA special report shows that despite providing one sixth of global electricity generation in 2020, the growth of hydropower plants worldwide is set to slow significantly this decade, unless a range of strong policy actions from governments are delivered.

Energy Now partners with the Zemo Partnership to support its 2021 conference

The Zemo Partnership's annual conference, being held online on Tuesday 20th July 2021, will explore where the transport decarbonisation plan is taking us. Read our preview!

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