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National Grid scheme paying generators to switch off

The COVID-19 lockdown has recently seen demand for electricity drop by as much as 20%. This has led to the National Grid looking for...

Ferment organic matter to build soil health

Farmers who want to increase soil organic matter and health – while also reducing their CO2 footprint - should consider fermenting their manure rather...

Commercial and environmental benefits of Miscanthus outlined in new study

Miscanthus is recommended by the Committee on Climate Change as a crop which helps to offset CO2 emissions, but how practical is it on British farms? A new...

Managing climate change is the future, highlights CAAV

Mitigating and adapting to climate change is going to be the main driver for policy in the coming decades and farmers need to be...

Prime opportunity for energy schemes, says Roadnight Taylor

There has never been a better time for landowners to seek ground rent from energy schemes, with some worth up to £8m over their...

It’s a great time to be thinking about green gas

Today, farmers and landowners can become energy producers, injecting green gas directly into the gas grid. Dairy, poultry and pig farmers, as well as...

Efficient heat use can help cut agricultural emissions

The last detailed study of heat use in the agricultural industry was carried over 10 years ago, but it showed that UK farmers used...

Maximising AD investment: efficient operation from the outset

With regulatory uncertainty putting increasing pressure on the UK anaerobic digestion (AD) industry, maximising yield, optimising efficiency and eliminating downtime are becoming essential to...

Hybrid Rye: worth adding to your rotation?

Widely grown in Northern Europe, Hybrid Rye is proving to be an increasingly popular choice for improving the performance of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants....

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Renewables and battery storage projects could add £125 billion to UK economy shows analysis

New analysis from Regen shows that the UK has a pipeline of shovel-ready renewable energy and battery storage projects that could provide hundreds of thousands of jobs and contribute over £125 billion to the green economic recovery

Ofgem announces £25 billion green network plan

Ofgem has unveiled a £25bn investment proposal to support the growth of green energy in the UK, including a £630m innovation fund

Green Homes Grant scheme announced by Government as part of ‘mini-budget’ – Industry Responds

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a raft of measures in his Summer Statement, labelled by many as a 'mini-budget', in a bid to help the UK economy recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic

REA publishes report outlining key policies needed to achieve a successful Green Recovery

The REA has published a report setting out renewable energy and clean technology stimulus policies that will achieve a fair and inclusive economic recovery in line with our legally binding Net Zero targets.

Biomass industry leaders issue warning over government consultation

Representatives of the UK Pellet Council and Biomass Heat Works! are seriously urging those supplying to, operating within or using biomass for domestic or commercial heating, to respond to an open government consultation