Case Studies

dairy farm significantly reduces GHG emissions

Dairy farm significantly reduces GHG emissions through new slurry management solution

Holly Green Farm in Buckinghamshire is a dairy farm producing an average of 9000L of milk per year. Using an innovative technology from N2 Applied to treat the slurry produced, the family that owns the farm have managed to reduce their GHG emissions and produce their own fertiliser.
Miscanthus grower Adam Bradshaw

Miscanthus planting on less productive land leads to increased income and record wheat yields...

North Lincolnshire arable farmer, Adam Bradshaw, has seen an increase in income and record-breaking average wheat yields of 10.3t/ha in the same year he took his poor land out of arable production and replaced it with Miscanthus and stewardship schemes.
The Minhe Biogas plant using chicken manure as a feedstock

Using chicken manure as a feedstock for biogas production

In this case study we focus on a biogas facility located in Minhe, China using over 300 tonnes per day of raw chicken manure to produce biogas.
Improving the efficiency of an AD plant

Enhancing the economic efficiency of a Grass-silage-fed AD Plant

In this project OMEX Environmental Ltd, in cooperation with DSM Biogas, use the enzyme MethaPlus® L100 to improved substrate conversion and viscosity, while inhibiting the formation of crusts, and improving the economic efficiency of an AD plant.
Caplor farm eith some of its renewable energy technologies on show

Future-proofing with integrated renewable energy systems

Caplor Farm owner Gareth Williams talks us through his renewable energy and low carbon investments including solar PV, biomass, wind and EV charging points.

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