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How are Farmers reducing emissions and increasing carbon capture?

Deborah Crossan, Agricultural Soils and Water Manager at Innovation for Agriculture, shares her thoughts on carbon sequestration, the benefits of improved soil health and the need for standards to progress the regenerative farming movement.

Sustainable water management – what’s the plan?

Alice Ritchie, Climate Change & Water Lead at The CLA, outlines the critical action required to lay the foundations for the long-term security of farming and the environment, in preparation for the organisation's much anticipated Water Strategy for 2030.

Is subsidy-free, large-scale solar still viable?

Large-scale solar has had its high and lows – but where are we now? Carter Jonas energy expert Martin Williams looks at how the finances stack up for landowners considering subsidy-free solar

Are solar panels still worth it?

Shaun Beattie, Director of solar PV specialists Beba Energy shares his thoughts on the factors to consider, if considering an investment in solar PV.

Energy storage opportunities for farmers keep stacking up

In this Energy Now exclusive Vijay Shinde, Head of New Technology Solutions at Siemens Energy, shares his thoughts on the importance of energy storage, its' role in achieving net-zero, and the opportunities available to farmers and landowners.

Carbon Output Myths Explained

Following their partnership with carbon management consultancy Carbon Metrics, Virgin Money underlines the importance of data in sustainability reporting and provides five key points to consider when undertaking on-farm emission assessments.

What is farm sustainability?

Herefordshire mixed farmer and NFYFC member Tom James shares his thoughts on the over-use of the word ‘sustainability’ and the potential damage being caused to farm efficiency.

What’s the point of cleaning solar panels?

Robert Harley, director of Helios Solar Operations & Maintenance, provides some simple advice on whether or not to clean your solar panels.

The importance of monitoring your Solar PV system

Once installed solar PV systems largely operate without human assistance. but their many different components can, on occasion, go wrong. In this piece PV specialist Beba Energy explain why systems should be remotely monitored.

Power to fertiliser – turning your slurry storage into a battery!

N2 Applied has developed a solution which uses electricity and air to produce fertiliser and stop emissions. In this piece the Business Development Director for the UK, Chris Puttick outlines the opportunities this presents farmers, including how the electricity produced can be stored as fertiliser.

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