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AD plant optimisation – what exactly is acetic acid doing in your clamp?

In this piece AD Feedstock Solutions considers the presence of acetic acid in a silage clamp and its' impact on an AD plant's biogas yields.

Energy efficiency standards – landlords of commercial properties beware

From 1st April 2023 a landlord can only lawfully continue to let a commercial property if the building has an energy rating of ‘E’ or above, with fines being faced for non-compliance.

Biochar: A horticultural superhero?

In this guest piece Positive BioCarbon examines the properties of biochar and how it can help boost soil health, as well as aid in our fight against climate change.

7 reasons for agri-businesses to make the switch to renewable energy

Ahead of their webinar, being hosted by Energy Now on 11th May, Calibrate Energy Engineering outlines 7 reasons why agri-businesses should make the switch to renewable energy.

Key changes to woodfuel quality standards

Helen Bentley-Fox, Director of Woodsure, the not-for-profit body appointed by BEIS to run the government’s Biomass Suppliers List (BSL), explains the new woodfuel quality standards which came into force on 1 April, and what these mean for both users and producers.

For maximum profits, minimise feedstock dry matter losses – don’t just try to reduce them.

Feedstock preservation experts AD Feedstock Solutions share guidance on how to optimise biogas production and profits by minimising dry matter losses.

Fire safety recommendations for solar PV installations

New guidelines concerning the safe and efficient generation of electricity via Solar PV systems are being published. Robert Harley, Director of Helios Solar Operations & Maintenance Ltd, explains what the changes are and how they affect you.

Renewable energy production: The importance of insurance in mitigating risks to farms

In this guest blog Phil Wilson, Head of Agriculture at insurance broker Gallagher, provides an overview of the different types of insurance available to farming businesses investing in renewable energy facilities, to help minimise the risk of financial and operational harm.

The role of bioenergy in reaching net zero

William Cracroft-Eley, farmer and founder of Miscanthus specialist Terravesta, shares his thoughts on the significant role of bioenergy in achieving our net zero targets, summarises his involvement in two COP26 fringe panel discussions and provides his views on the overall COP26 outcomes.

Just keep Spinning! Can we increase the lifespan of renewable energy assets at the end of a lease?

Carter Jonas Energy Associate Martin Williams talks through options for landowners looking to extend the life of their renewable energy assets past the end of their lease agreement.

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