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3 policy changes that make it easier to invest in solar power

Good Energy consider some of the benefits of solar power for businesses & how three policy announcements are making it easier than ever to invest.

Soil Carbon Measurement: A Practical Guide for Farmers

In this guest blog Tom Sadan at Agricarbon provides practical guidance on measuring and managing soil carbon on your farm, identifying the environmental and financial benefits this can bring.

How would Labour achieve sustainable growth amidst the climate emergency?

In this guest blog Kayleigh Quinn, Associate Director of Cavendish Consulting, looks at how a Labour government would continue the expansion of the renewable energy sector and tackle climate change, while simultaneously boosting the economy. 

How AI can boost clean energy transmission, without plotting any new pylons

Taco Engelaar, MD of Neara, explores how emerging technologies like AI can help us find the additional grid capacity needed to connect the expected volume of clean energy projects, without building extensive new infrastructure.

Locking carbon in recycled concrete: a new opportunity for biogas suppliers

In this guest blog Simon Staufer, business development manager at Neustark looks at how innovative technologies in the CO2 removal space are providing biogas plant operators with a new opportunity to increase both revenue streams and sustainability efforts.

Managing on-farm greenhouse gas emissions

In this guest blog Aleksandra Stevanovic at Agrecalc shares practical guidance and top tips for farmers looking to measure, monitor and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including where to start on their low carbon journey.

Biogas Plants: The importance of using foaming control agents in the biological process

Dimitris Theodoridis, Technical Director OMEX Environmental, explains the importance of using foaming control agents in biological processes and the benefits to biogas plant operations.

Increasing ground source heat pump efficiency in agri-business

Jack Smales, MD at Calibrate Engineering, explores why optimising existing heat pumps is so vital to harnessing the technology’s benefits and how it can be achieved.

Solar PV and Energy Storage: Key Aspects of the Net Zero Economy

In this guest piece, Deborah Walker, Development Project Manager for ABO Wind considers the continued development of solar PV and energy storage projects in the UK, their place in a net zero economy and the challenges faced in reaching this goal.

Why should businesses install solar panels?

Good Energy explores why solar is a good and accessible option for your business to generate its own electricity and provides an outline of the main points to consider.

Suppliers Network

An A to Z list of both product and service suppliers to the sector, containing full contact details, company profiles and outlines of key offerings and experience