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Land use: exploring clean energy options for farmers and landowners

In this article Conrad Energy explores various clean energy options available, whether farmers and landowners choose to develop renewable energy assets themselves or lease their land to developers.

Miscanthus – a profitable crop for flood-prone land

A recent report has shown that Miscanthus crop quality is unaffected by flooding, offering consistent income, a clean source of energy and other environmental benefits on less productive land.

Keeping the lights on this winter: energy flexibility, security and affordability

Dr Alastair Martin, founder and CSO of Flexitricity, highlights the pricing practices and economic dynamics impacting energy costs over the winter season, explaining how flexibility measures can positively impact winter prices and security for the future.

Getting the best from your biomass installation

Richard Dalley, a chartered engineer and expert in biomass sustainability shares his thoughts on the "underrated unsung hero of renewable energy" and provides valuable tips for optimising a biomass installation.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions on farm – challenges and opportunities

In this piece the Farm Carbon Toolkit considers the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on farms, highlighting typical sources, ways to combat and the benefits to both the environment and food production businesses.

Keeping the power on: our future energy technology mix

In this guest piece Nick Bradford, MD of energy storage specialists Atlantic Green, shares his thoughts on the challenges the UK faces to increase its renewable energy capacity and keep the power on, as well as the Government support required.

Sustainable home upgrades that will optimise your energy usage and save you money

In this guest blog, sustainability consultant Evangeline Danes considers some of the improvements homeowners can make to optimise energy usage, cut bills and help mitigate the effects of climate change.

The power of experience – how to choose your renewable energy system installer

How do you choose the 'best' installer for your renewable energy system? Here Caplor Energy outlines the reasons why customers should opt for experienced and accredited installers to get the most from their system.

Good Energy: Six steps to earning an income from your renewable generation asset

In this piece the clean energy specialists at Good Energy provide guidance on earning an income from renewable generation assets, together with an outline of how they can help.

Artificial Intelligence – key to a clean energy future?

In this guest blog David Ferguson, Risk Management Specialist at SAS UK & Ireland, considers the role of artificial intelligence in helping to choose the 'best' renewable energy solution, optimise returns and achieve overall clean energy targets.

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