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Renewable energy production: The importance of insurance in mitigating risks to farms

In this guest blog Phil Wilson, Head of Agriculture at insurance broker Gallagher, provides an overview of the different types of insurance available to farming businesses investing in renewable energy facilities, to help minimise the risk of financial and operational harm.

The role of bioenergy in reaching net zero

William Cracroft-Eley, farmer and founder of Miscanthus specialist Terravesta, shares his thoughts on the significant role of bioenergy in achieving our net zero targets, summarises his involvement in two COP26 fringe panel discussions and provides his views on the overall COP26 outcomes.

Just keep Spinning! Can we increase the lifespan of renewable energy assets at the end of a lease?

Carter Jonas Energy Associate Martin Williams talks through options for landowners looking to extend the life of their renewable energy assets past the end of their lease agreement.

Securing the best price for renewable energy generation

Hamish Conway, Limejump business development manager, outlines how farmers can maximise the returns from their renewable energy systems, or 'electric crop', in light of the current energy crisis…

How long does it take to deliver a commercial Solar PV installation?

In this guest blog Shaun Beattie, Director of Beba Energy Ltd, gives guidance on the timeframe involved with designing, developing and delivering a commercial solar pv installation.

The Agricultural transition plan – where are we?

The National Strategy Director for Barclays Agriculture, Oliver McEntyre, shares his thoughts on the agricultural transition plan, highlighting both key areas and steps to take to prepare your business.

Burning waste wood – understanding the regulatory requirements

In this, the 2nd part of his guest blog on burning wood, Environment Agency advisor Dave Bass talks us through the rules & regulations relating to burning waste wood.

Burning virgin biomass – understanding the regulatory requirements

In this piece, the first of a 2 part guest blog, Dave Bass, Advisor - Local Authority Unit at the Environment Agency, discusses the regulations relating to burning ‘virgin biomass’.

Feedstock Preservation – The Key to Improved Biogas Production

Feedstock Preservation specialists AD Feedstock Solutions give guidance on ways to minimise dry matter losses and optimise biogas production.

Carbon Audits: where to start?

In this piece Virgin Money explains the process of carbon audits, highlighting the huge impact they can have in helping to reduce both your farm's emissions and costs.

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